7 Days in Europe!

What a blessing! Alhamdulillah… we had such a fun-amazing time with our family in London and Paris.  

I love you Along, I love you Zela, I love you Aizam.

Can’t wait to plan more adventures with you guys! (dengan izin Allah SWT… aminn).

Last October, I miss my family so much.  So I suggested to Mr. Adjushi what if we ask Aizam and Zela to join us.  We take kids and Along (some of you met my sister Kak Azza) to London and Paris.  He replied how much? Haiyaa … this is a common FIRST question from an accountant.  I saw Virgin Atlantic $300 plus return JFK – LHR, I said.  Then he said, hmmm.  Hmm is not a word.  Not a definite answer.  I mean, what was that?  Yes or no or Wait, let me think!  It’s really annoying.  Hmm. Argghhh…  So anyways, I ASSUMED he said yes because I really wanted to go to London and Paris next winter break.  Immediately, I texted my brother and sister in law and shared the idea.  Aizam and Zela agreed.  Yahooo!  

Let this cheapestskate Mom in the world (me!) make reservations accordingly.  I delegated our spending as follows:


Return flight tickets for Mr. Adjushi & Aqryf – checked 

Return flight tickets for me & Arqyn – checked (Arqyn need to check his Robotics’ competition date)

Heathrow Express tickets for 5 pax - checked

Hotel in London for 8 pax – checked



Eurostar tickets for 5 pax – checked


Airbnb for 8 pax – checked (5 minutes walk from/to Eiffel Tower)

Paris sightseeing limo service for 8 pax – checked

Return flight ticket for Along – checked 

If you’re as ambitious as me (always wanting to bring everyone you love travels together) but income just cukup-cukup makan, here’s my two cents.

1. Plan your trip the earliest you can to get good rates (basic:  hotel, air/ground transportations).

2. Be smart on accommodation (you might pay low hotel rate but are you willing to walk hundred miles just to get a taxi or to the closest train station).  

3. If you’re travelling with kids be sure to have access to convenience stores, restaurants that open ‘till late and less walking because kids are always hungry and easily tired (because they’re bored). 

4. Check the local weather (we had no choice because kids’ winter break was a 5-day break).

5. Google tourists’ bad experiences.  What you read might sounded scary but at least you know what to expect.  

6. Scan/store/email/download your ID/IC, passport, visa, tickets, reservations into the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere (if your phone got stolen scenarios).  

7. Travel when you’re young and restless.  (Me and Mr. Adjushi got tired esily hahaha.  So funnehhh).

You can keep your savings, yes.  

But, if… if you can work on something (try very hard) allocating some fund for you and your family, you do it.

Our time, their time to go is a mystery.

Working hard to make other people happy is also amal jariah (I might be wrong but I think yes!).

Spend as much as you can on your family then leave your future to Allah.

Personally, since my Arwah Ayah and Arwah Mak passed, I told myself.

Duit habis boleh cari but I cannot buy time with people I love.

So I must make them happy while there’s still time.

Even just by treating them coffees or chocolates.

Until my next blog…



March 10, 2020

Rasa Restaurant

New York