Well well well…

Back to blogging.  Just like the old days when I first started my personal shopper service.  Ahhh… feels good typing words describing how I’m feeling right now.  How are you, loyalists?  What are you up to these days?  Gym and new resolutions on track?  Haha.  Salute to those moving towards your 2020 bucket list.  

Let’s go back to basic.  Self-introduction to break the ice.

Hi, I’m Orkid.

You can call me Orkid (not my real name wanting to be mysterious. Teehee).  

I’ve been actively persuading my followers to spend their money since 2007.  Nothing in particular, just that I love bags, shoes… and whatever on sale.  I am a shopaholic. Big spender (yes to both homophones. Sigh!).   

When I first started blogging and my personal shopper service, I was in Washington DC.  While busy with my 9-5 job, I was suffering inside because I cannot buy what I wanted.  Sale after sale, discounts and marked down shelves were too painful to watch.  This has to stop, I told myself.  So, I decided to change my impulsive buying habit to something profitable.  I shop for others.  Long story short, I am still the same woman… wanting to shop more than I earned.  The advantage of turning my crisis to an opportunity is that I am happy because I get to shop for you.  *flip hair*.

New York pushes your limit.  Like it or not.

We moved to New York last year, 2019.  I am now a New Yorker (I like to call myself that because I am kacang lupakan kulit.  Fact #1 about me is I’m from Kuala Pilah and polosa is best described my take on laundry – washing and folding!).  Before you judge me know this… claiming yourself as a New Yorker comes with high rent, less driving but lots of walking and winter temp for nine months.  Being a New Yorker means one must work hard to make a living or pack your bag and move to other state or country.  New York pushes your limit.  Like it or not.

Ahem… I have a website since 2013 (no need standing ovation just clap and shout woot! woot! out loud).  Go browse www.orkidprefers.com and judge then make sure you follow our channel via Telegram to keep up with current sale.  We don’t like to keep ready stock mainly because sale is happening every weekly, monthly.  There’s always discount and marked down.  I feel guilty for not sharing all the good deals.  I’ll tell you when and what on sale so that you can spend like a boss.  A smart boss (pay less on authentic product).

Until my next blog… remember 3S.  

Santun.  Selawat.  Sedekah.



Jan 5, 2020


New York