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05 Jan Back to Blogging
Orkid 3 808
Well well well…Back to blogging.  Just like the old days when I first started my personal shopper service.  Ahhh… feels good typing words describing how I’m feeling right now.  How are you, loyalists?..
10 Mar 7 Days in Europe!
Orkid 1 443
7 Days in Europe!What a blessing! Alhamdulillah… we had such a fun-amazing time with our family in London and Paris.  I love you Along, I love you Zela, I love you Aizam.Can’t wait to plan more advent..
21 Mar My House is My Playground, Not a Battlefield.
Orkid 0 385
My House is My Playground, Not a Battlefield. I don’t know about you but I am not the queen in the house during lockdown.  I’m the Chief Secretary, Chief of Staff, Prime Minister, Doctor, Therapist, N..
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