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About Us

About Us

Our founder ~ Orkid ~ is a sleepyhead, always hungry and an introvert who turned retail therapy into an investment and not a financial mistake.

Deep deep down, Orkid felt content and cherished after every session because to her retail therapy is an empowering act, thanking and appreciating herself.  She believes, retail therapy is about self-loved.  And Orkid loves herself too much until shopping became an addiction.  

The only cure to Orkid’s addiction is in finding ways to shop without hurting her bank.  This was how her journey as a personal shopper began.  She founded a personal shopper service in 2007.  Channeling her energy throughout DMV’s retail stores/premium outlet stores since (DMV - Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia).  True story, she’s willing to drive through all three states and shop at more than 10 stores a day for her customers if she has to because she loves shopping that much!  Who would thought Orkid turning her addiction into a business is therapeutic?  

Knowing she’s not alone, she introduced Orkid the Shopaholic Club (OTS Club) for those with the same addiction.  OTS Club started with 20 resellers back in 2008 and currently Orkid has nurtured more than 57 resellers under this program (buy more and save more) and counting.

Orkid moved to New York in 2019 and yes, still a shopaholic who presently active shopping for others.
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